New Children's Picture Books
about a 4 year old yellow dog named Dakota
and his friends Nashton and McKinzie

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Dakota! Picture Books

Edvardson Publishing Launches Our New Children's Picture Book Series.

For several years now I have volunteered for various labrador rescue organizations. I've especially enjoyed fostering the puppies. But I didn't do this alone. Dakota, my four year old yellow lab helped me. He too was adopted and was right at home teaching the puppies how to behave. What he could not do is teach them how to bark!

For as long as I can remember Dakota has never barked. I know he can, because every so often he'll make a barking like noise in his sleep. He must be dreaming about his favorite thing to do chasing his red ball.

When my nephew Nashton was born something inside of me changed. Something about his birth inspired me to finally do what I had been putting off for about for two years. I finally decided to write and publish books about my dog Dakota.

My first Children's book, Dakota Finds His Bark is dedicated to my nephew Nashton and was a gift to him on his second birthday. And of course being an Uncle to several nieces and nephews I now have many more children's book to write. .